Jun. 7th, 2010

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And I just watched Tom accept his award again, and I realized that it wasn't Will Farrel saying stuff during his speech, he did at the beginning, but it was Mark Wahlberg that kept saying stuff!

I don't think Tom minded though. He was a really good sport about it! It had to be hard to even say what you wanted to say with Will Farrel and Mark Wahlberg hanging over his head.

Also, I want Taylor Lautner to beat the crap out of Rob Pattinson!! And why do they keep acting like people don't know who Bella chooses?! I mean, people have read the books! HP doesn't act like people haven't read those books! in fact, they realize that people have!
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arguing with me about a character's name, is stupid.


Jun. 7th, 2010 10:04 pm
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So, years ago jadarene, julesndairyland, slytherinlinzi, cherii_emiri(sp?), inell, jess_lovecat, and I all did a smutty little seven day thing for Draco/Hermione.

The first one was A Week In the Life and the second one was Seven Ways In Seven Days.

I was thinking that we, as in new people, as some of them are no longer online while some of them are, should do something similar again. It was such a blast to write it with those guys and each person brought a new level, a new direction.

It started with one person writing the first chapter and leave it hanging, then the next person would pick it up where they left off, and no one knew what they were going to get. It was a surprise to the person who followed, and you only had a week to write your piece. It was fun and really got the creative juices flowing. That seems like a million years ago.

Any interest in seeing something similar again?
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Anyone else miss [livejournal.com profile] jadarene's dirty limericks of the day?

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