Jun. 5th, 2010

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Happy Birthday Draco Malfoy....love of my fictional life.
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Last night, Brad and I cleaned up the house so we wouldn't have to do it today. We did everything but the kitchen, and Adam and Brittni did it this morning.

The shower went really well. Only like 4 people came that weren't family. I felt kind of bad for Brittni. I mean, it's hard to have a party that no one comes to. However, when you have a party in the summer, that's the risk you take. She has another one two weeks from today in B'ham where there will be a large turn out, I believe.

Her mom got her feelings hurt by something Ashley said. She didn't mean it in a vicious way. She was joking. I knew she was. My mom knew she was. She just doesn't really have a filter and says whatever comes to her head. Well, Brittni's mom went to hold Peyton and Ashley handed him over and said "Don't drop him". She was joking. She tells me the same thing. So, Brittni's mom got her feelings all hurt and Brittni got mad on her behalf. The problem is Ashley thinks she's being funny, but she just really isn't. In fact, she's very annoying, but I knew she was trying to be funny.


I saw a great solution for the BP oil crisis on Facebook. Plug up the hole with Joran Van Der Sloot. That guy is the embodiment of evil. And now he'll pay for what he's done. He killed Natalie Holloway and he's killed this girl in Peru. And I only hope his cellmate is well hung and hasn't had any in a long time.
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This is the dress I got yesterday, except mine is black. They didn't have it in any other color, so I bought black. I topped it off with a little bling necklace and anklet! I love it! I wore it all day. Usually, I hate wearing dresses because I hate when my thighs stick together (TMI?), but I loved this one. It was cool and everything.

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