May. 29th, 2010

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So, a guy I went to high school with ODed on heroine the other day and he was brain dead when they got him to the hospital and they were supposed to turn the machines off this morning. It's really sad because I remember him being a very vibrant person, full of life, and to find out that he's dead is really sad.


Listening to Matthew Morrison sing "Don't Stand So Close to Me/Young Girl"!


Brittni has stopped taking her meds because she was afraid she was pregnant. Now that we know she isn't, she has informed us that she doesn't want to take them anymore. I'm not sure how well that will sit with my dad. He may kill her for real. Especially considering how close we are to the wedding.


I've finished the latest chapter of Beautiful Disaster, only I'm not sure I really like it. I need to send it to [ profile] amethyst18 but I'm really unsure about it. I need input.
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Tom Felton is in "Get Him To The Greek"....

I want to see it anyway, but Tom is a perk!
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Just had a huge fight with Brittni.

I'm PMSing and so everything gets on my nerves. Well, she hasn't taken her meds in a month, come to find out. And Adam informed us of this the other day. So, that explains why she's been so moody lately. She has bipolar disorder, remember.

Anyway, she was sitting at the dining room table, while we're eating yelling at Ashley. They yelled at one another, over toilet paper of all things, for twenty minutes. I had all I could take and told Brittni that she needed to take her medicine because I don't like this brittni as she is psycho. She got pissed and ran upstairs and ranted and raved and then said she was going to take all of her meds at one time! HELLO! Point that you AREN'T RATIONAL is when you threaten to take ALL your meds at once. My dad managed to go up there and calm her down.

I don't regret what I said to her. I've had to sit in this house and watch her be crappy to Adam, watch her yell at everyone, and my fuse at the moment is very short so I snapped. But someone needed to say SOMETHING to her. Albeit, I shouldn't have called her a psycho, even though she is one.

Personally, I'm ready to go live in my car.

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