Apr. 20th, 2010

ashleyfanfic: (Cinderella dreaming)
Did I miss the part where it became okay to be a Communist? Was I absent that day????

Here's the thing about Communism that people always forget. It doesn't work. As a system as a whole, it doesn't work. I think a lot of people like the 'idea' of Communism where everyone is on a level playing field, but that doesn't work in practice. Human nature doesn't allow it to work. Every situation in which Communism has been applied, they have the problem of an elite upper class taking from the poor for themselves. Some would accuse Capitalism as being this, but in reality, Capitalism rewards innovation and new ideas. What Capitalism doesn't do is take the money you make and distribute it among the masses. How is that 'fair' to you? How is it ok for you to work hard for your money and then a portion of it is given to Gary down the street who chooses NOT to work. That's what it's about. It's about spreading the wealth. However, the WEALTHY, like your Oprahs or Susan Surrandons are still wealthy because they have the ability to get around it.

Oprah owns a house in Santa Barbara, but she only lives there 4 months out of the year, because to live there longer she would have to pay state taxes as it would be her primary residence. Instead, she stays in Chicago where it is MUCH cheaper to live. They can get around it when they want to.

My point is, yes, Communism may sound great in theory, but it's you giving up control of yourself, your money, to allow the government to decide what's best for the masses.

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