Mar. 16th, 2010

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This story on yahoo really pissed me off. It involves what children will learn in history books while they attend school. As a former history major, and I happen to have a degree in it, I think that history is one of the most important subjects you could take in school. How do you know where you're going if you don't know where you've been?

My real issue comes with the removal of Thomas Jefferson as one of the important founding fathers of our country. Like his religious beliefs or not, the man was responsible for a great many of the ideas that we hold so true. He was a man of the Enlightenment and was the author of the Declaration of Independence. Need I remind Americans that the Declaration of Independence is what started the ball rolling for us to be freed from Great Britain? While I don't agree with his religious views, I do think that he's important to learn about. All our Founding Fathers are. It's important to understand who the men were and what their beliefs were in order to realize that what's happening now is complete bedlam. Original intent is key. If you go back and read anything that Jefferson, Washington, Franklin, or Adams ever wrote, you would know that these men were interested in keeping the people in charge of their own destiny, and that our elected officials work for us, not the other way around.

I look back on my childhood and the things I learned in history, and to tell you the truth, all I remember is FDR. How sad is that? Until I got to college, I don't think I learned anything about the American Revolution. I remember in 5th grade we even sang a song at a school assembly about FDR. I don't agree with most of his political views. In fact, nearly everything he put on the table failed and those that didn't were never meant to last long term. How many people actually know that? He also dismissed every member of the Supreme Court to appoint his own members. Could you imagine if Obama, Bush, or Clinton had done that? They would have been killed for their over-stepping of power.

But I look back on our Founders with amazement. These men, all from different backgrounds, all involved for different reasons, were astonishing men. America was seen as an experiment by most of the world. They couldn't fathom that a country could be run entirely by its people, allowing them to vote. Yes, America has had its problems, and still does, but how much better off are we than others in different countries. Look at Israel, fighting with the Palestinians over their land, and they are in constant conflict with every other country in that region. What about Haiti? An earthquake devastated their entire country, along with Chile. Tibet is still suffering under the tight control of China, which I fear is where we may be heading.

Speaking of China, you know, it scares me that they own most of our debt, they tell the President not to push this health care thing because we don't have the money, and at any time, they can just come over here and take us because of how much of this country they own. When 58% of the country is telling you 'no we don't want this health care stuff' then it's up to them to listen to us, not to assume that we're stupid and we don't know what's good for us. You've already admitted that we're trillions of dollars in debt. This won't help. Instead, it will put more people on the government tit. In fact, it will kill people like my mother. My mom is only 55 years old, she has four stints in her heart. But they're going to have to do something to control the cost of this monster, and they WILL, mark my words, THEY WILL RATION HEALTH CARE! If you think they won't you're out of your mind. You're not paying attention. What is the rush in the first place? If you're ill, you can go to the emergency room, right now, and receive great care. You'll get a bill for it, but they will treat you. They won't come to you and remove whatever it was they were helping you with. So, why rush into it? Let us read the bill. Let us know whats in it. Speaker Pelosi can't sit there and tell the House members they if they vote yes on it, then they can know what's in it. That's not how this is supposed to work. It's just not. You're perverting our system for your own power gain.

If you really think that this is what the American people want, then let US vote on it. But that will never happen because they know that it's hated. Conservatives won't vote on it for two reasons: 1) Government funded abortions, 2) the cost. Truly liberal democrats won't vote on it because of two reasons: 1) Government funded abortions (they want it in there), 2) no public option. Now, this piece of crap legislation will pass. It just will. Obama, Pelosi, and Reed will make enough backroom deals, twist enough arms, and do enough blackmailing that they'll get the votes they need. It makes me sick, like physically sick to even think of it.

Anyway, that's all I have for today.

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