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I decided that since I've been depressed that the best thing to do is to look at the good things I have. The good outweighs the bad, really.

Good things:
- My family - while they drive me crazy, most days, I know that when I need them there are there with all the love and support they can offer. My Godfather, my dad's youngest brother, just called me today because he was thinking about me and wanted to talk to me. One of my dad's sisters was in the Disney store when it was going out of business and saw some Nightmare Before Christmas stuff and knew I loved it, so she bought it and sent it to me, just because. My dad and mom have done everything they can to make me feel better, to my dad trying to make me laugh because he doesn't like to see me upset. Landon offers hugs and kisses at random times and has come up to me recently and patted me and said "Ashey no cry, ok?"
- My friends - specifically Michelle - is a never ending ream of support. I have to say that while she does get on my nerves occasionally, she's as close to a sister as I will ever have. Thing is, we're both two people who don't let the other wallow and feel sorry for themselves. We kick one another in the ass when we need it, we listen, and we're capable of making the other laugh when no one else can. She is driving four hours the weekend of my birthday just to hang out with me.
- My computer - it's pretty awesome. I bought it as a whole set from Sam's a few years ago. It's a Dell, which is all I will ever own now, and it's fabulous! It has enough room for me to play WoW and keep both Sims 2 and 3.
- World of Warcraft - you have no idea how cathartic it is to go kill some stuff when you're feeling upset.
- Craig Ferguson - I DVR this show because he makes me laugh. I think he's the best late night has to offer. I really like that he rarely ever talks to the people about what they're there to plug. Some of my favorite recent guests: Tom Felton, Robert Downy Jr., Tim Allen, Gerard Butler, and Emma Thompson. I also love his little cussing rabbit, Sid.
- That 70's Show and Big Bang Theory - I love these two shows. I've seen some episodes of That 70's Show so many times I can recite the words. Big Bang Theory, I love this show the more I watch it.
- The soundtracks of Glee - Truly has helped me get through today. "Don't Stop Believing", "Dream On", "Smile", and "Alone" can always bring a smile to my face, and goosebumps to my arms.
- And last but not least, you guys - There is a core group of you that offer never ending support. As long as I've had this journal, I know that I can come here and tell you guys things that I would never tell my real life people and you would never judge me of it. Some of you post things that make me laugh, think, and sometimes go "PLEASE PUT NAKED PEOPLE BEHIND A CUT" but it's almost always entertaining. My last post I cried while I wrote it, but after the love and support you guys sent my way, it really did make me feel better. You're the best online friends that a person could ever have.

So, really, thank you so much guys. Just keep being you.
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Day 12 - An episode you’ve watched more than 5 times

Best I do this by show, because if I liked an ep, I watched it more than once.

Dawson's Creek
Season 1
- Modern Romance/Double Date
Season 3
- Like a Virgin
- Homecoming
- None of the Above
- Home Movies (Still one of my favorites!)
- Four To Tango
- A Weekend in the Country (LOVE THE END OF THIS EPISODE!!)
- Northern Lights
- Valentine's Day Massacre
- Crime and Punishment
- Cinderella Story
- Neverland
- Stolen Kisses
- The Longest Day
- The Anti-Prom
- True Love
Season 4
- All the way up to Coda. I watched all those episodes.
Season 6
- Spiderwebs (No Doubt was on this ep)
- Marry Mayhem (mainly Audrey's rant)
- Clean and Sober
- Castaways (Love this episode)
- Sex and Violence
- Love Bites
- Catch 22
- All Good Things...
- Must Come To An End

That 70's Show
Season 1
- The Pill
- A New Hope
- Grandma's Dead
- Hyde Moves In
- The Good Son
Season 2
- Red's Last Day
- Eric Gets Suspended
- Burning Down The House
- Kitty and Eric's Night Out
- Holy Crap
- Cat Fight Club
- Moon Over Point Place
Season 3
- Reefer Madness
- Red Sees Red
- Jackie Bags Hyde (Love this one)
- Dine and Dash
Season 4
- Forgotten Son
- Tornado Prom
- Class Picture
- That 70's Musical
- Love Wisconsin Style
Season 5
Seen every episode of this season MULTIPLE TIMES (my favorite is Heartbreaker -- Kelso cracks me up in that one)
Season 6
Seen all of these too
Season 7
And all of these
Season 8
I only watched the series finale and I felt sick the whole time because Fez and Jackie make no sense!

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Day 11 - A show that disappointed you

Dawson's Creek disappointed me for a long time, but I think the show I was most let down by would have to be That 70's Show. My issue with That 70's Show comes in the form of Jackie/Fez. The entire show, Jackie always railed against Fez and him being foreign. And then they decided that it made sense for Jackie and Fez to be together? EXCUSE ME?! The best thing that ever happened on that show was when they put Jackie with Hyde. He helped ground her more, made her less selfish, and she made him more open. I hated that the writers decided that it was a better idea for Jackie to be with Fez. Don't get me wrong, I love Fez, but not with Jackie.

So, yeah, I watched the last season of That 70's Show one time where as the others I've seen them so many times I could possibly quote them to you.

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Day 09 - Best scene ever

I just want to share because this is the best episode for this stuff....

Favorite part is this-
Kelso: Angie, you're cute as a button, but you burn like a bo-tard.

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