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For those of you that watched the other video, I highly recommend that you watch this one. Thanks to [ profile] jenn490 for sharing this with me. I can't stop listening to it. I have to admit that it's actually REALLY catchy!

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Another gem from Alabama. This time, only a few miles from my house!!

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I have to share the funniest fucking story I've heard in a long time.

My cousin's brother-in-law is a police officer for the Pinson's police department. This is how we, and the local newspaper, heard this story...

So, there is this man that is mentally disabled, but not to the point where he has to live with someone else. He lives alone and one day he called his parents and told them "You need to come over! I've captured a "TROLL"!" The parents were apparently used to hearing things like this, so they ignored it and went on about their day. Well, a few days later they hadn't heard from him again and go to see him. When he opens the door, they find all his furniture pushed up against the closet door and they ask him what's going on, and he says "I have my troll in there. I've been going down to the store to buy some lettuce and feed it everyday." And the parents are thinking, "Oh hell, he's got the neighbor's dog in there." So they start moving the furniture and the door flies open and this midget runs out of the closet and out of the house! The guy was apparently a Jehovah Witness and had gone up to the house on his bike, which was still laying in the front yard. They released the "kidnapper" because he had no idea what he was doing!

But this throws up some questions, don't you think? First...why did the man think this guy was a troll? Second, why did he think they ate lettuce? Third, are the parents now going to freak out every time he tells them that a magical creature is in his house? Fourth, does the guy still ride house to house?!

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