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Title: Art Appreciation
Author: [ profile] ashleyfanfic
Written for: [ profile] margaritaabate
Pairing: Draco/Hermione
Rating: NC-17
Prompt: Chopsticks
Word Count: 438
A/N: This may spawn a longer one shot that explains the little game they were playing a bit better. But I don’t think 1500 words would be sufficient to do that.

Art Appreciation )
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So, I claim all the time that I only read like three or four authors because I've been burned by reading a great summary and a good first chapter and then the rest of the fic blows. I know I'm not the only one who has been plagued by this. And I'm not even saying that I know how to write fics that don't do the same thing.

But I've been trying to branch out lately. In fact, I read one the other day that was recced on Dramione. It was okay. Not the greatest thing I ever read, but it was fairly good, until the end. *sigh* I take issue with fics that throw in sex just because they want there to be sex. When your fic can stand up without sex being thrown in, then be happy with that. Don't fall back on that because you don't really know how to end it unless it happens. The fic, as I said, was very good. it went like 10 chapters, building on a relationship, a friendship, without sex being tossed into the mix and then suddenly, without warning, BAM there it was. And it was like a damn marathon after that, which kind of bored me. *sigh* I'm not saying that I don't like to read a smutty little thing here and there, I do. In fact, most of the writers I read write the best smut out there, but I'm just sort of disappointed that this fic went there when it really didn't have to. I thought it was great up until that point.

So, anyway, I guess what I'm saying is that I kind of like fics without it. I think it works with some plot lines. Draco and Hermione do tend to bring out the smuttiness in all of us, [ profile] amethyst18, I'm lookin at you! It's that volatile relationship where it's just all this build up and it eventually has to explode in a physical way.

Anyway, does anyone know what I'm talking about? Agree? Disagree?
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Totally forgot I wrote this one!! I do remember that I had the hardest time writing this and after it I didn't join another fic exchange for a while because the requirements for this one stretched me too far. I mean, how do you justify Draco being an angel in the nativity play in a world that doesn't even address religion?! And, doing something that Ron would be more prone to do at the prodding of someone else than Draco ever would!?

Title: Love's Pure Light
Author: ashleyfanfic
Rating: R
Disclaimer: These are JKR's characters, I'm just playing with them and I'll put them back the way I found them...sort of.
Summary: Draco and Hermione come together again
Warning: Talk of baby death...
Author's Notes: Yeah, I had a hard time with this challenge. I hope it's what you wanted and that you like it because it was really difficult for me to get everything you wanted into this one. Thanks to inell for betaing this for me.

Love's Pure Light )
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Title: Collide
Author: ashleyfanfic
Rating: R (because it's smutty)
Author's Note: Thanks to Zephyr for betaing this for me. The title came from the Howie Day song "Collide". The fic isn’t inspired by the song, but I was listening to it while I was writing and I liked the idea of Draco/Hermione colliding into one another.
A/N2: Yes, this is an old fic of mine, but I wanted to post it here in order to be able to keep up with it as I posted it on a fic exchange about four years ago. Wow, was it really four years ago? Anyway, I really wish I could keep the replies because they were HILARIOUS! I went on a week vacation after I posted this, and I came back and had like 20 something replies where in [ profile] bk11 and [ profile] cherii_emrei had a very indepth discussion about it. Hilarious!
Summary: Draco gets a bit of stress relief...

Collide )
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Title: Complexity of Character
Couple: Draco/Hermione
Phrase: "Why is it always you who has to say that I love you?"
Word Count: 436
For: [ profile] sertyl
Summary: Offered an out, Hermione explains why she doesn't want one
Rating: PG

Complexity of Character )
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Give me a prompt

Preferably Harry Potter fandom
between 100-1000 words

between 100-1000 words
One phrase it has to contain
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When writing a long fic, do you guys skip ahead to a part you already know you want to happen and write it, then go back and write other parts? Because I'm working on one at the moment for a fic exchange, and I totally have the major climax of the story written in my head, so I decided to just go ahead and flesh it out and, I usually don't really brag about my own work, because I know there are writers that are totally better that I am, but let me just say that this is damn good. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do because it's been a blast to write! And it's still going.

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