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Dear members of the Draco/Hermione fandom,

Please stop using Boyd Hollbrook as Draco Malfoy. Not only is it annoying, but it's insulting to Tom Felton who has played the character of Draco since he was 11 years old. What really pisses me off is when you use all the other actors in the movie, and then you change Draco to Boyd. Are you fucked in the head? I don't understand women who like these little thin waffish boys. Not saying Tom Felton is big or anything, but he doesn't look like a walking coat hanger, either. With his blond hair, especially between HBP and Deathly Hallows, when it was kind of long and stuff, Tom Felton looked like the epitome of Draco Malfoy. He's had some bad wigs, yes, but when it's his own hair, he couldn't look more the part.

So, just to clear it up...KNOCK IT OFF! I'm sick of seeing banners using that ugly guy's image as Draco. If I see a banner with his face on it, I PURPOSELY won't read the fic because you ruin the image of Draco.

To sum up, cut it out and grow up. Tom Felton is Draco Malfoy. Suck it up and deal with it.

Sincerely, and pissed the fuck off,
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Title: Art Appreciation
Author: [ profile] ashleyfanfic
Written for: [ profile] margaritaabate
Pairing: Draco/Hermione
Rating: NC-17
Prompt: Chopsticks
Word Count: 438
A/N: This may spawn a longer one shot that explains the little game they were playing a bit better. But I don’t think 1500 words would be sufficient to do that.

Art Appreciation )
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Title: Want vs. Need
Author: [ profile] ashleyfanfic
Written for: [ profile] gryff_slytherin
Pairing: Draco/Hermione
Rating: PG
Inanimate Object: Intricate Silver Dress
Word Count: 1543
A/N: I don't work well within word limits :) - this is a little longer than 1500 words. I hope you enjoy it anyway!

Want vs. Need )
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Title: Drunk and Disorderly
Author: [ profile] ashleyfanfic
Challenge: Hermione finds Draco drunk on her doorstep
Summary: Hermione has a series of encounters with a drunk Draco
Length: 20 pages - over 7,000 words
Author's notes: I so enjoyed writing this. I pretty much postponed everything else to write it. Also, shout outs to Gone with the Wind and slytherinlinzi for reading it and giving me her feedback. Greatly appreciated!

UPDATED AUTHOR'S NOTE: I wrote this years ago, but I decided to add it to H & V and went about editing it a bit to make it flow better and to take out all the sighing. It's way old, but it's sort of my favorite next to Beautiful Disaster, which is still a work in progress.

Drunk and Disorderly )
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I...I...I can't...form...words....

He posted this on his twitter. To those who like to use Boyd Hollbrook as their 'vision' of Draco, I have this question for you: ARE YOU ON CRACK!?!?! LOOK AT THAT!! THAT IS DRACO!!! DRACO DRACO DRACO!!! TOM FELTON IS DRACO MALFOY! And if you disagree, then I think you need to get your eyes checked!!!

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