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Dancing with the Stars - Week 2 - Tango, Jive, Quickstep


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Okay, so my mom is super upset that Gilles didn't win. To the point where she said she isn't going to watch it anymore. But you know, it comes down to the freestyles, sometimes, and I really think that Cheryl lost it for Gilles much the same way Tony lost it for Melissa and Stacy Keibler. If your partner is good at a certain kind of dance, then you choreograph it for them, don't do something to drastically deviate away from what they're good at.

Shawn may not have been the best performer, but she was praised for having the best technique and was the best at nailing every step. Gilles was a hot steamy performer and you would think that if the man made 10s throughout the season on Latin dances that she would give him Latin. But no. It was some weird...Flashdance homage, and they used a chair, and it was just awkward! Mark, however, choreographed to Shawn's strengths! She's good at the acrobat stuff, because, duh, she's a gymnast and has no problem letting her feet go over her head. But then the dancing and synchronicity was there. They even spun on the floor at the same speed! Derek, Julianne, and Mark are the best at choreographing to their partners abilities. (i.e. Julianne/Helio freestyle, Mark/Kristi, Derek/Jenni)

So, do I think there is a consipiracy to give the Ballas-Hough's the best partners? No. Julianne had Adam Carolla. Mark had Kim Kardashian. KIM KARDASHIAN! She was a train-wreck to watch. Derek has evaded the curse, but I bet he gets it soon. I'm sure people figured that Brooke would be his achilles heal, but no one expected her to be so good.

Anyway, just found the whole conversation irritating. Shawn came in with a pretty large fanbase because of her gymnastics. Gilles was a relatively unknown, and Melissa rode her Bachelor fiasco to the finals. It truly was anyone's game, last night.
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Dancing with the Stars thoughts..if I need to cut, I will, but I'm not right now.

Don't get me wrong, I would be happy if any couple won. Gilles, Melissa, and Shawn are all fabulous dancers. Gilles is sexy and smoldering, Melissa is energetic and peppy, and Shawn is full of enthusiasm and techinically the best dancer.

But I really want Shawn to win, because I don't think the other two pro's deserve it based on the freestyles. Here's why:

- When you have a dancer that oozes sexiness like Gilles, you should use that to your advantage. Give him a sexy tango or some awesome Latin dance to do. Don't make the freestyle all about yourself because you're just happy to be there again and you want to prove something. If Gilles loses, I blame it on his freestyle because until then he had been fabulous. It was a lackluster performance that I would have expected in week 2, not the freestyle round. Also, Gilles hurt his shoulder, and she was very unsympathetic to the injury and continued to make him do tricks that would aggrivate the injury because she wants to win.

- *sigh* Do you not remember what happened with Stacey Keibler? She was phenomenal at Latin, and for some reason, he choreographed her a disco to do! And instead of choreographing to Melissa's strengths, which is her grace, you did a 90's routine and it seemed disjointed and she seemed scared to do the tricks. Melissa wasn't going to be able to out sexify Gilles and she wasn't going to out trick Shawn. She can, however, be more graceful than the two of them, but in their attempt to add tricks and be showy, you lost something. It was lacking something through the entire dance. And the judges comments for the routine were that the choreography seemed off.

Now, people can hate on Mark, Julianne, and Derek all they want, but the three of them deliver AWESOME freestyles. Julianne with Apollo and Helio, Mark with Kristi, and Derek with Brooke. The three of them realize that they have to do dance as well as tricks, but make it all seamless! They are the best at executing it! They's phenomenal pros and are truly the best at bringing out the best in their partners. Hate on them all you want, but they are the three most popular for a reason. Although, if Anna makes it through to be the new pro next season, I think she could do wonders for a celeb.
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Dancing with the Stars: Thoughts and Speculations!

I think they were being so harsh on Melissa last night because maybe she had the next lowest people's votes compared with Lil Kim last week, which would have put her in the bottom two. So, by having the judges nitpick her and stuff they're hoping that it works in the same way that it did with Ty when Len said he needed to go home. So, in reality, I think they're trying to save her.

Gilles was great. I loved Shawn's Tango, not a big fan of her jive. I agree with Carrie Ann that she seemed to lose steam in the middle of it. Ty needs to go home, and Melissa's dances, to me, and I'm agreeing with the judges, were sort of boring. But I don't think that's her fault as much as the choreography that Tony had her do was boring. You know, Stacey Keibler was more deserving to win the year she was in it, but Tony lost it for her because her freestyle dance was just awful! I don't think he's choreographing to the best of her abilities.

But the final should be Shawn/Mark, Gilles/Cheryl, and Melissa/Tony. I think the final two should be Shawn/Mark and Gilles/Cheryl. And I say that because I know Tony isn't capable of choreographing a freestyle for Melissa that will even be in the same realm of what Mark and Cheryl are capable. Case and point. Drew Lachey's "Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy" freestyle won it for him! They've done it on the show since then because it was so popular. And Mark and Kristi Yamaguchi had one of the best freestyles I've ever seen, and if you have someone like Shawn who isn't afraid of their feet going over their head, then you're sure to get an awesome freestyle! I just don't think that Tony will be able to do Melissa justice. It's not a slight on her, it's a slight on him. He's a good dancer. And a good teacher, but choreographer? Not so much. If you look at the season as a whole, his choreography, compared to Derek, Julianne, Mark, Cheryl, even Kym is much more simple, and yes, it works, but in the final it won't.

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