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Day 15 - Favorite female character

This one was really hard for me. I was torn between three characters: Buffy Summers, Joey Potter, and Jackie Burkhart. But in the end, Buffy won.

Buffy is one of those characters that will go down in history as being memorable and sets herself apart. Buffy was the chosen one, yes, but at the same time she was also a teenager who was experiencing the same sort of self doubts that regular teens with through. She was spunky, funny, loyal, and devoted. Her task, at times, weighed heavily on her, but she persevered. At times, what she was faced with was insurmountable, but she made it through, often times by sheer dumb luck.

But despite being a hero, she was also a girl/woman. She experienced the heartbreak of losing your first love, the uncertainty that goes with it. She felt pressure to fit in. Her friends were her world. And despite her troubled life of being the slayer, she never lost her sense of humor or, even when struggling with coming back from heaven, she never lost her sense of self. Yes, she was ashamed that she liked being with Spike and the naughty things he did to her, but a lot of women experience those feelings. And despite all she went through, she was always Buffy: daughter, sister, friend, savior, slayer.

"It's do or die, hey I've died twice."

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So, I have several favorite male characters ranging from Spike from Buffy/Angel to Kelso from That 70's Show. By my all time favorite, number one character is Pacey Witter from Dawson's Creek. Josh Jackson pulled off lovable sidekick better than anyone. However, in DC, Pacey got the girl. He was a romantic, goofy, adorable, sometimes an ass, but he was always one of a kind. Pacey was the only character, ever, that made me swoon. And I mean, hardcore SWOON! I loved him. He was, is, and always will be the heart of Dawson's Creek.

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Day 12 - An episode you’ve watched more than 5 times

Best I do this by show, because if I liked an ep, I watched it more than once.

Dawson's Creek
Season 1
- Modern Romance/Double Date
Season 3
- Like a Virgin
- Homecoming
- None of the Above
- Home Movies (Still one of my favorites!)
- Four To Tango
- A Weekend in the Country (LOVE THE END OF THIS EPISODE!!)
- Northern Lights
- Valentine's Day Massacre
- Crime and Punishment
- Cinderella Story
- Neverland
- Stolen Kisses
- The Longest Day
- The Anti-Prom
- True Love
Season 4
- All the way up to Coda. I watched all those episodes.
Season 6
- Spiderwebs (No Doubt was on this ep)
- Marry Mayhem (mainly Audrey's rant)
- Clean and Sober
- Castaways (Love this episode)
- Sex and Violence
- Love Bites
- Catch 22
- All Good Things...
- Must Come To An End

That 70's Show
Season 1
- The Pill
- A New Hope
- Grandma's Dead
- Hyde Moves In
- The Good Son
Season 2
- Red's Last Day
- Eric Gets Suspended
- Burning Down The House
- Kitty and Eric's Night Out
- Holy Crap
- Cat Fight Club
- Moon Over Point Place
Season 3
- Reefer Madness
- Red Sees Red
- Jackie Bags Hyde (Love this one)
- Dine and Dash
Season 4
- Forgotten Son
- Tornado Prom
- Class Picture
- That 70's Musical
- Love Wisconsin Style
Season 5
Seen every episode of this season MULTIPLE TIMES (my favorite is Heartbreaker -- Kelso cracks me up in that one)
Season 6
Seen all of these too
Season 7
And all of these
Season 8
I only watched the series finale and I felt sick the whole time because Fez and Jackie make no sense!

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Spike post

Nov. 18th, 2009 02:02 am
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So, as most of you know, I love Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Angel the Series. My favorite character is, and probably always will be, Spike.

To me, he's probably the most fleshed out character of them all, even though he started out as minor and a bad guy. I'm not sure what Joss originally intended with Spike, but I think he really developed a following and people wanted more. Not to mention that James Marsters as Spike was just...phenomenal.

Spike's past with Angel/Angelus is one that's just made for tv/movies. Drucilla turned him, but Angelus taught him everything he knew about murder and mayhem. He looked up to Angel, as a brother, and I think he had a bit of hero-worship going on. And when he confided in Angel that he loved Drucilla only to turn around and have Angel betray him by sleeping with Dru because he knew it would hack Spike off, I think it tarnished something in Spike. He could never forgive Angel, nor did Angel want to be forgiven. He did what he did with Dru to prove a point.

And because of his relationship with his mother, who was doting and overprotective (before she was turned into a vampire), Spike always seemed to be seeking women that he could never fully have. Drucilla was prone to periods of being loopy out of her mind, which would drive me crazy, but she was never really his. When Angel returned to being Angelus, Drucilla showed signs of being swayed by Angel once again, stirring up the rivalry with Spike once more. So, Spike made a deal with the devil, so to speak, in aligning, albeit, briefly with Buffy in order to take Angel down. Spike didn't want world domination. He just wanted Drucilla and the ability to roam around the world and feed as he liked and to be left alone. Angelus wanted to open a demon portal and to destroy the world. So, Spike did what he had to do.

But, after this, he's trying to get Dru back, to find any way to get her to accept him after he betrayed Angel. Again, Dru proved her flightiness and left. Spike turned to someone who would worship him, Harmony. It was doomed. Spike actually really disliked her, and only tolerated her presence for sex, which is what any cold-blooded vampire would do. And through this, his inevitible capture by the initiative and them installing the chip in his brain and his realization that he's completely in it concerning his feelings for Buffy, his world took a tailspin.

I've gone through all of this to discuss one of my favorite parts of the show ever: the Buffy/Spike relationship. Buffy loves/loved Angel. Only, it would never work between them. She knows it. He knows it. Should he be with Buffy in a bedular way, he would become Angelus again because it would make him happy.

Sidenote: I find it rather strange that Spike was able to be a decent 'person' without a soul. I think the chip helped, but even before that when he betrayed Angel, he did it because he didn't want the world to end. He was actually content with life as it was and didn't want someone like Angel to come in and ruin it.

Anyway, so, Spike has a chip in his brain that won't allow him to hurt people, but he can hurt demons. It changed his stance, not because he wanted it to, but it did. He also liked the fight and was known for razing entire towns back in the good ole days of vampires. So, presented with the only option in front of him, hurting demons and helping Buffy, he took it because deep down he was a cold blooded killer. But even being a killer, he was still capable of caring about and for people.

Dawn is a good example of this. I think I was one of the few Buffy fans that didn't hate Dawn. I saw her for what she was, a great story device, yes, it came out of nowhere, but I think Joss did a great job of working through it to a satisfying conclusion. But back to Spike, he cared about Dawn. He looked after her and took care of her when he didn't have to. True, he loved Buffy, but I think a part of him came to care about her, because in Season 7 when she turns on him because of his attack on Buffy in Season 6, it really hurts him. He also finds out that Dawn is the key that Glory is looking for, and even through torture, he didn't divulge the secret. I think that really changed Buffy's opinion of Spike. I think that was her pivotal moment. She realized that Spike, while still a vamp, wasn't all that bad, in fact, he would do what he needed to do to protect someone she loved because he loved her.

And when Buffy died, you could have just hit me in the head, because that was one of the most moving scenes ever! Giles, Willow, Xander, Spike and Dawn, when they all saw her, their reactions were so raw, so real, you'd have thought that Sarah Michelle Gellar really died. It was moving and I cried. Like a baby. Especially when it showed Giles and Spike. I was makes me teary to this day. And when she came back, and she wasn't right, she turned to Spike and confessed that she believed she was in heaven to him and only him. And their feelings, her conflicting feelings about hating him and wanting him, and his loving her and desperation for her to notice him, had to come to a head. And it did. In hot, dirty sex all over the damn place. But Buffy was ashamed to give in to the part of her that wanted Spike. She still found it very hard to differentiate between the vampire and the man, something she had less of a problem with concerning Angel, but I digress. He, on the other hand, was just thrilled with the object of his love and desire showing him any sort of signs that she might feel the same way. She didn't. But he grasped on to what she was giving him for all he was worth, to the point where he was so desperate for what they had that he nearly raped her.

That was his breaking point and he realized it. He knew that when he nearly hurt her, even though he loved her, and his desperation to have her was so great, that he had to fix it. Fix himself. So, he did the only thing he could think of. He went and suffered through pain and torture to get himself a soul. Only, he got more than he bargained for. He suffered for it after wards, dealing with the death and destruction he'd dealt to the world. Spike was always resilient, though. He did manage to bounce back from it and not be as brooding as Angel. He did his share of brooding. And during Season 7, Buffy really turned to him for support. I think she did love him, but I don't think it was in the way he loved her or she loved Angel, but I do think that a part of her did love him. Then again, could be my wishful thinking. Spike didn't think she did.

And then he showed up on Angel. I have to say that David Boreanaz and James Marsters play off one another so very well. I love Spike and Angel's banter.

The one scene that stuck out to me was where Angel and Spike are fighting over who gets to be the champion and Spike beats Angel. Beats him down and berates him for who he is. Tells him that he had his soul forced on him, while he, Spike, chose to have the soul put into him. Spike wanted it more. Then Cordy came back and reaffirmed Angel's mission and then they killed her (was majorly upset about this). But even through all of it, at the end of the show, Spike is standing beside Angel, both ready to do battle at the end of it all. I kind of like that ending. Yeah, Gunn and Illeria(sp?) were there too, but I like that it was Spike and Angel. Buffy wasn't there. It was the two champions ready to battle the forces of evil to save the world.

Anyway, I really wanted to do this post because I hate Twilight and Edward Cullen. A real vampire doesn't pretend to be broody and poke out his lips to be attractive to tweens world wide. No. Vampires in the Joss's world are complex and deep. Spike is a prime example of that. There is no teen angst here, there is hundreds of years of suffering, razing of towns, raising hell, and being a general nuisance and then the overall transformation that he was reluctant to make, at first, but then willingly took on because he was in love. That's some powerful shit right there.

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