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So, my brothers started watching this show a long time ago. Well, at the beginning of December, my mom started watching it. I knew it existed, but as zombies give me the heebs more than anything else, I have avoided even previews of it. So, one day, she was at my brother’s apartment and as I don’t have a key for the house, I had to go to his apartment to wait for her to get ready to leave. Well, she was there watching it. The first episode I ever saw was Season 2 Episode 1. Needless to say, we watched it, then moved on to the second one, and she was ready to go by the end of the second one and I made her stay for one more. This show sucked me in. Granted, I’ve had nightmares about it, but I can’t stop watching it, now. So, mom got Seasons 1 and 2 for Christmas and we spent Monday through yesterday watching all of the episodes. I’ve seen Season 3 Episode 1 as I downloaded it from Itunes when I got to work, but I have some thoughts I thought I would share.

To be done by character:
- Rick: I like Rick. I think he’s been put in a precarious position, and instead of bitching about being the defacto leader, he’s embraced it and has made the hard decisions that others wouldn’t want to make. Case and point: Sophia’s death. When that little girl came stumbling out of the barn, everyone else stood there shell shocked and sad. Rick, feeling enormously responsible, stepped forward and did what needed to be done. That’s what a leader is. Someone who makes the hard decisions. I had a feeling he knew about Lori and Shane before he ever said anything. How could he not notice that his best friend and wife are giving one another the eye every time he turns around? And Shane’s death really made me feel for him. He caught on to Shane leading him out to the middle of nowhere to kill him long before Shane realized that Rick knew what was going on. He gave Shane every opportunity to back out, but he was out of his mind. Rick did what was necessary for his family and the rest of the group, no matter how much it pained him to do it.
- Lori: I feel like this woman caused more problems than she’s worth. First of all, she should have told Rick from the get-go. She thought he was dead. That was understandable. She turned to Shane, someone who was just as close with Rick, for comfort. Rick didn’t fault her for it, and neither do I. But when she realized he was dead, she never told Shane, explicitly, that she didn’t want to be with him. She just told him to stay away. To someone like Shane, who was losing it anyway, that could me a lot of things. Stay away from me because my husband is back and I don’t want to hurt him. She gave Shane hope, which is not what she needed to do. She should have been honest from the get-go. I don’t like Lori. It’s a Zombie apocalypse, one child is already missing, so you let YOUR child go off into the Walker infested woods? What kind of sense does that make? I really questioned her parenting then. I don’t think Rick, Shane, or even Carl could have argued with her had she said no, she would feel safer and more secure if he had stayed with her. At least he would have had one less gunshot wound.
- Carl: This is one tough little kid. He’s a survivor, but I think he’s also proving that when you’re deprived of happiness for a long time, it changes you. He should be a carefree kid, but instead he’s on the run with his family, he put down his dad’s best friend who became a walker, and he’s becoming tough as nails. I like Carl. He’s kept his father’s humanity intact, because Rick would do anything to keep his son from becoming cold like Shane had.
- Shane: I would like to blame him for a lot of the stuff with Rick, but I think he did what he had to do with the knowledge that was given to him. And he sought comfort in his best friend’s wife. Truth be told, I think from the beginning, even before the apocalypse, Shane might have had designs on Lori, at the very least he envied Rick for the life he had. But he fell in love with Lori and got to step in and be a father figure to Carl. When that was taken away, the thing he’d hoped for, he snapped. I do, however, blame him for the death of Otis. To me, that was one of the most disturbing parts of the show. I think Shane finally snapped when he saw Rick leading the walkers out of the woods with Hershel. That was it. He was done with listening to Rick. He didn’t want to be third banana, because the people in the group were turning to Rick first and then Daryl or Dale. The truth was, Shane had become unimportant to the group, and he couldn’t handle it. He had every intention of killing Rick from the second he let Randall go. He couldn’t take losing his hope for a better future in Carl and Lori.
- Daryl: My favorite character, by far. I like his faith in Rick. He didn’t like him at first, but Rick’s willingness to go back and look for Merrel showed Daryl that Rick was someone to be trusted: a man of honor. Then, Daryl showed that he could be a compassionate person in that he continued searching for Sophia. He’s got a tortured past that I don’t think we know the full extent of, and his relationship with Merrel is somewhat conflicted, but the fact remains that he loves his brother. I also think that he might be sweet on Carol. He continued to look for her daughter, continued to have hope that she was alive. He rescued her when the farm was overtaken. He watched out for her and she for him. I like this relationship.
- Carol: God, this woman has been through it, hasn’t she? Her husband had such tight control on her that seeing her joking with the other women sent him down there to assert his will. Ed needed to die. Especially once it was shown that he had designs on their daughter. She was sad that he died, but at the same time, she enjoyed driving that pick axe through his head. Then, the loss of Sophia. She tried to keep up hope, and every time Daryl went out and found traces of her having been alive, it renewed it within her. However, her hope began to wane, and once Sophia was found, she was relieved as much as she was upset. At least then she knew what had happened to her child. As I said before, I enjoy her relationship with Daryl, as I can kind of see them as kindred spirits. They both seemed to have suffered from abuse and in that they can relate to one another. Really, she could do worse. And she has.
- Dale: I loved Dale. He was the moral authority of the group. He fought them killing Randall. He didn’t want to see the group slip into a barbaric existence, where one life was not valued simply because they posed a threat. I was especially sad to see him die.
- Andrea: I’ll admit. I thought that she was a whiney bitch. I really didn’t like her, but I think she’s sort of bad ass in season 2. She stuck her neck out to save Carol and the group left her. And she continued to run and fight off the zombies. I think a part of her gets off on the killing. It gives her a sense of control and power to know that she can take them out. If nothing else, her run in with the zombies in that abandoned housing development shows that with her encounter with Shane afterwards. I told my mom that I think Andrea has slut-tendencies and I have a feeling that I’ll be proven right with that one.
- T-Dog - after getting his ass kicked by Merrel, he didn’t want to leave the ass on the roof. You could tell he carried that guilt with him through the show. He doesn’t like what he did, but he was scared and didn’t know what to do. I can see now, though, that he’ll be zombie bait.
- Glenn: Speaking of Zombie bait...I like Glenn and his relationship with Maggie. It just shows that sometimes love can surprise you where it can bloom. He really has come into his own. I enjoyed his friendship with Dale, and it was easy to see that he was one of the most upset by his death.
- Maggie: She’s pretty badass herself. The Walkers still scare her on a physical level in that she screams when she sees them, whereas the others don’t. I think she’s more sensative that way. However, she’s proven that she’s a pretty skilled driver, shot, and that she believes in Glenn.
- Hershel: Ya’ll when it was revealed that they’re housing zombies, I was floored. But then his adament refusal to listen to Rick when he told him that it was chaos out on the road was frustrating. He’s loyal to Rick, which I do like. You can tell that he’s going to stick by Rick and his decisions.

So, that’s it for now.

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