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I just received this review from someone over at about Beautiful Disaster.

Every year, tens of thousands of women in countries like Nigeria, Iran, India, Pakistan, Yemen, Tanzania, etc are forced to marry men they have no choice over. There's nothing romantic about it. Do you Westerners, with all your choice, think that systems with less choice are somehow exotic and romantic? Stories like this insult women in forced marriages all over the world. Yes, many of those marriages end up ... content, after several years. But if you were to ask even those relatively happy wives if they would have liked to do things differently, they'd say yes. And as for the unhappy marriages - well the women there would just look at you blankly, for their spirit would long have been destroyed. How can you possibly write something like this? Dress it up however you like, you're still putting lipstick on a pig.

I don't really know what to say. I mean, I'm torn between being hurt and insulted. Hurt because I never meant to make a situation like arranged marriage seem romantic. In fact, I never even thought of it. And insulted because that person thought that I would do it purposely.

Talk about killing any initiative I've had.

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