Aug. 18th, 2010

ashleyfanfic: (OMG - big bang theory)
So, I've been roaming the internet before class starts looking for spoilers for Young and the Restless and I came across this message board and what I saw there just really freaked me out.

On Young and the Restless, there is a character named Adam Newman. He hates his father and brothers and sisters and went about making all their lives miserable for months. Even to the point of driving his father's wife crazy and making her think she saw a ghost. One night, when he was doing this, he even caused her to fall down the stairs while she was pregnant and lose her baby. He called up a OBGYN that he was blackmailing and made the guy give her a fake ultrasound to show that she was still pregnant. She continued to have hallucinations, created by Adam, to the point where she was eventually checked into an insane asylum.

Meanwhile, Sharon, who is pregnant with her ex-husband's baby, only he doesn't know at first that it's his, is also having some real problems dealing with life. She gets arrested for shoplifting and as a way to stay out of jail ends up in the same insane Asylum as Ashley. Adam and the Doctor stayed close to the hospital and one night, while the hospital is in lock down, Adam is in the room with Ashley, his father's wife, and the Doctor is in the room with Sharon as they both go into labor. Well, Ashley is having a hysterical pregnancy and she "beleives" she's going into labor. Adam gives her a sedative and knocks her out. The doctor delivers Sharon's baby and goes into the hallway where Adam meets him and takes the baby from him and then carries it in to Ashley. He made the doc tell Sharon that her baby died.

So, for months, Sharon grieves the loss of her baby and Adam starts to get close to her and they fall in love. Adam never tells her about it baby. It eventually comes out that the baby that Ashley believes is hers is actually Sharon and Nick's and Adam had switched them (they find this out by a note left by the doctor should he die, which he did, and Adam was involved). Sharon and Nick get the baby back and Adam goes on the run and then fakes his own death in order to escape.

But, Adam is back now and has been released on all charges. He's still pursuing Sharon and Sharon is kind of wishy washy.

Here's my issue. This man STOLE her baby. He sat and watched her suffer with the knowledge that her baby had died and never told her the truth. In fact, he still maintains his innocence as much as he can and is nearly stalking Sharon. But there are people on this message board that think that Adam and Sharon should be together! I know that people on this show have done horrible things to one another, but come on! He STOLE HER BABY!! He allowed her to suffer to save himself. If she takes Adam back, I will never watch this show again. Period. I think it's reprehensible that he was even allowed back into the city and they didn't throw him under the jail.

This just really irritated me and I need a place to voice it.

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