Jul. 30th, 2010

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let me tell you about what has happened here today and tell me whether or not you would be a nervous damn wreck

So, on Friday, Kristin has class at like 8 and Adam and Brad worked. Brittni decided to spend her free time at her grandmother's, sans Landon. Which means we had both babies starting at 9 this morning. I'm already on edge because I'm about to start and EVERYTHING pisses me off

and my mom, who usually takes Prozac to control her craziness hadn't taken her meds in three weeks and she's been snapping at everyone. Well, to make this even more complicated, Jessica, a friend of Brittni's brought her two year old son to come stay with us for the weekend. I told you that, though. I love Gavin, and it would be fine, but he whines and doesn't mind, two things I just can't handle. However he and Landon play well together.

So, by three o'clock we have all three babies. Adam and Brittni come in with bottles of liquor they have hidden in brittni's purse because my mom and dad have told them, specifically her, that they don't want her drinking. She takes meds and it doesn't mix well. Anyway, they start drinking about 5 and my dad gets home and starts cooking around 7

So, he's outside working the grill and adam and brittni come in from the ice cream man where they bought both gavin and landon ice cream and proceed to feed it to them right then. Adam then went upstairs and left them in the living room with my mother. My mom is screaming at Adam to come downstairs and get them because they're filthy, only he doesn't hear her and she has to scream for ten minutes. I've already gone out tehre and tried to fix it, but she wouldn't let me

So then Adam comes downstairs and mom is screaming at him that he's an idiot for giving them popcicles right before they eat. and he didn't see anything wrong with it and kind of argued with her. Well, my dad was inside by this time and told Adam that he was drunk and needed to watch his child. Mom said that gavin was sleeping with them because they gave them ice cream. Adam said no he wasn't he's not his kid and then Brittni STORMS downstairs, throws Landon's green ice cream filled tray on my mother's $700 rug and storms upstairs. Adam then gets into it with Brittni about my mom being a bitch and yadda yadda yadda

So, Adam comes back downstairs and goes outside. Landon is in my mother's room with Gavin and Peyton when Brittni KICKS THE DOOR IN and snatches Landon. She's drunk as SHIT. She was already stumbling around and fell in the floor before all this happened. So, she backs into the corner, holding Landon who is screaming because she's LOST IT! My dad goes over to her to try and explain that she can leave, but she can't take Landon while she's drunk. She goes to hit my dad and hits Landon in the head with her cellphone when she swings and punches my dad in the face.

I ran and got Adam who went outside to smoke a cigarette, and she punched him in the head too. Adam runs inside, Brittni is now holding a crying screaming Landon and is about to drop him in the process of traying to hit adam and my dad again. Brad manages to snatch Landon frpom brittni and runs out of the room and into the bathroom. Adam is not restraining Brittni from behind as they're falling to the floor and she's trying to head butt him with the back of her head and instead she caught her eye on the corner of my dad's nightstand and split it open

now they're at the hospital getting brittni some stitches

my dad took her even though she slugged him in the face

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