Jun. 12th, 2010

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okay, so, I got kind of pissed watching the US play England and went outside to the pool after England scored. I missed America score. Figures.


Watched Argentina play. Wow, I mean, some of these teams are just PACKED with hot guys. It stuns me, really.


I am so freaking bored. I really miss the days when I used to RP because I always had something to do. No more. :( Makes me sad.


I'm nearly done with my Scorp/Rose fic. All I have to do is write the smut, which is actually the hardest part for me at the moment.


My legs are itching like crazy. I have eczema on them, as you may remember, and it's just flared up today.


I need to take a shower and get this chlorine out of my hair.


< semi-ranty rant ahead >
I have 5 more chapters of Beautiful Disaster to post over at H&V and then it's all caught up with aff.net. It's just really really frustrating to have long fics that need to be posted there and you get a 2 a day limit. I never had a limit at CG, I guess that's why I miss it so much. Hell, at CG, my fics were admitted automatically, which I loved. I didn't have to go through a "screening" process. I guess that's what's deterred me from actually trying to post everything I've written over the years on that archive. Some stuff will just never appear there because I don't feel like having to go through someone else for it to show up.

If you get your feelings hurt by this post, sorry, but it's really really aggravating. I appreciate there being a new archive and all, but that doesn't mean I have to like the rules.

< / end semi-ranty rant >


Did I mention I was bored?
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Day 01 - A show that should have never been canceled

Well, it was a show that was linked to another show and I loved it and was totally bummed when it was canceled and that was "Young Americans". I really liked the cast, and the story lines and everything. It was fun and was just one of those WB shows that I don't feel like really got the chance to flourish. The writing on that show was actually better than Dawson's Creek at times.

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