Jun. 9th, 2010


Jun. 9th, 2010 08:29 am
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I don't talk about this much, but I'm really upset.

We're struggling for money. By we I mean my parents. They have been struggling since November. At the moment, we're in jeopardy of losing our house. My dad makes salary every week, but he's supposed to get monthly dividends. Lately, since November, his company hasn't been giving them to him since the whole company is in trouble. Even if my dad makes a profit, there is no guarantee that we'll get one, now. So, my parents use that dividend money to pay the house notes and the car notes. Since he hasn't had one since November, he's borrowed money from my uncle and one of his friends to try and catch the house note up. At the moment, we're two months behind on the house, my mom's car note is caught up, however, mine is not.

I talked to VW today and since my car note is three months overdue, there is a repossess note out for my car. When I actually had a job, I was never late for my car note. I've been trying to find a job, but no one will hire me when they hear that I'm a full time student. I'm so sick to my stomach. My car, the only thing I actually have to show from having HAD a job, is in danger of going away. That's not the only problem. The bill for June is due Monday which is only more money my dad doesn't have. He's so stressed out that I hated to tell him about it. I'm afraid that he'll die of a stroke any day now, he's so stressed out. The week to week pay check will pay for our utilities and food, but it can't cover the house note. When they bought the house my dad was making more than enough money to cover it and had some in savings that we didn't have to worry about this. Well, the economy went into the crapper and now we're fucked if his company won't give him a dividend. He portion has been profitable. They've had two of the biggest months they've ever had, recently, and they just haven't given him a dividend. Ever since the company changed hands he hasn't been getting them the way he should.

I'm really upset, for my dad and scared that they're going to come get my car. I could go get a job at McDonald's but that doesn't solve my problem for right now.
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Phew! Ignore the last post. Dad got everything taken care of. They aren't coming to get my car and our house is fine, for the moment. :)

I have to find a job, though, so I'm going to be looking hardcore the next couple days/weeks.
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Sharing a tweet from my mother:

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I love Tom Felton and this restores Mark Wahlberg for me...

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