May. 31st, 2010

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Today is my mom's birthday.

But the day started off bad and ended up worse.

As I said in a previous post, Brittni has stopped taking her meds, the ones that make her a normal person. So, this morning, Adam was relaying a story about something Brittni's grandma said about Landon and Brittni got pissed because Adam was talking about her. So, next thing I know, they are yelling and screaming and she's trying to leave with Landon, which Adam would not allow. So, my dad takes Landon from both of them as while Adam was holding Landon, Brittni slapped him across the face. It's one thing to fight, but you don't do that shit in front of the baby. So, Adam threatens to call the cops on her for assaulting him again, which, my dad freaked out and started openly sobbing afraid that DHR would take Landon and Peyton from the house should they get called again for the same thing.

Brittni LAUNCHES herself at Adam and it took Brad restraining her to get her to stop. In Brad pulling her off of Adam, she scratched up his stomach and sides with her nails. I mean, he bled because of it. Mom has pictures. So, dad and I somehow manage to convince her to stop and allow Landon to stay here with Mom. She's yelling and screaming that she hates Adam, which she only says when she doesn't take her meds. My dad tells her to look at herself, look what she's doing, but she's ignoring him and she storms out of the house.

Adam goes out to make up with her, having calmed down. They talk for like an hour in her car in the driveway, then she walks in and acts like nothing happened. Worst of all, she tells all her family that she got into it with Adam and that we cornered her and assaulted her. My brother has the marks on his stomach to prove that she was the assaulter! Anyway, Adam and Brittni make up and he goes fishing with my youngest brother who is home visiting. Brittni gets SUPER pissed at Adam, and drives off in her car, and shows up hours later, drunk off her ass. Her grandmother, who believes that Adam is the one that is supplying her with drinks, is the one that gave her the money to buy the alcohol to make her feel better. Nothing like an enabler. So, Brittni shows back up around 5:30 and goes upstairs and passes out.

Adam got a phone call about twenty minutes ago from Brittni's grandmother, worried about Brittni and saying that this is all Adam's fault and that my family trapped her here and we wouldn't let her leave and we assaulted her. Adam told her that she has no idea what happened here today and not to believe everything Brittni tells her.

I'm so upset about this shit. She RUINED my mother's birthday. RUINED IT! My mom has had chest pains all day. Her brother and sister came to visit her, but she was so quiet and upset the whole time that I don't think she really got to enjoy their company. It was so sad. And my dad, it really upset him. He loves Landon more than breathing and when they were acting that way, it just broke his heart. I've cried off and on all day because of what this did to my parents. I realize that Adam has some blame in this because he can't let anything go, but she has no right to put her hands on him. He would NEVER hit her. But every time this happens, she hits him.

I mainly post all of this here so that if something ever happens, and they really aren't together anymore, we have an account of what happened while it's still fresh.

Guys, I'm so stressed out I just don't know what to do. I feel so anxious and upset. I can't believe that they ruined my mom's birthday. Adam apologized, but Brittni won't. Also, Ashley told Brittni via text message after Brittni told Ashley they had made up that she owed my parents an apology and Brittni JUMPED HER SHIT for not defending her.

Any advice is greatly appreciated. Does anyone have experience dealing with bi-polar people with anger issues?

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