May. 27th, 2010

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I wish that the people in my house were mature enough to sit down and talk to one another, but they aren't.

What's going on is, my mom is PISSED that Kristin called off the wedding in October. Not because they put money down or anything but because it hurt my brother so much.

Things to keep in mind...

Kristin and Brad live with their son and dog in my parent's house, rent free. My mom watches Peyton for Kristin and Brad while Brad works and Kristin goes to school, for free. My parents actually went with Kristin to buy a wedding dress and her own mother couldn't be bothered because my brother isn't good enough for Kristin and she shouldn't marry him (her mother's words). My mom and Kristin are friends on facebook so this is what's been happening the last few days.

Kristin will not face a confrontation. My mother is rather passive aggressive herself, but I've never known her to shy away from a confrontation when it came to it. So, Kristin's facebook photo, as a new mother, mind, was of her in her 'buy me a drink dress' where if she sneezed her secret was out, and she's drinking with her other two very drunk friends. It was taken a few weeks ago. She changed it yesterday to this picture of her laying in bed in a tank top and her boobs were like spilling out of the top. She was wearing a bra, but her boobs got huge when she was pregnant, and so they aren't confined when she's laying in bed and taking this picture with her phone. She said she wanted a 'decent' profile picture. My mom commented and said more like INDECENT. Which, if you know my mom was a lot nicer than she could be. Since then, they have both been posting things passive aggressively on each other's facebooks.

Keep in mind that my mom isn't mad she called off the wedding for any reason other than it hurt my brother. And it did. I was sitting in the car with him while she went in to get the deposit back and I was there while he started crying.

Brad really feels like Kristin is doing all of this because she's not ready to be done with her partying and she feels like when she gets married, that's it. But I hate to break it to her. When she has a baby, that should be it. I understand maybe going out one night every so often, but she wants every weekend.

You know, I'm not so certain that some of this isn't post-partum on Kristin's part. Brittni did the same thing about four months after she had Landon.
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Okay, I have a Glee question...

Why do they let Finn lead so many songs?

I mean, I understand why they allow Rachel to, and on occassion Mercedes is better suited for a song, but I really don't think he has the voice that Kurt does. Yes, Kurt's can be a bit more showtuney, but the boy can WAIL!

I need a Glee Icon -- Preferably of Brittney dressed as Lady Gaga telling Rachel in her first gaga costume:

"You look terrible. I look awesome."

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