May. 26th, 2010

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Just read the funniest thing on twitter and I retweeted it because it's so true.

Nicole winning Dancing with the Stars is like Josh Groban winning American Idol: no fair!
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What the freak ho is up with the Deathly Hallows pictures of Draco? First off, why do they feel the need to try and fugly up Tom? Does that serve any purpose really? Also, why do they all look like they are nearing sixty instead of nearing 40? Are they trying to make that big of a contrast from how they look now? The only one we've yet to see is Emma. I bet she is the only one that looks decent. I think it's in her contract or something.

And a personal note to Tom Felton:

Please, get a hair stylist. I adore you. I think you're cute as a button, but your hair just hurts me to look at! I'm not saying you need Draco hair, but you can do better than that! Without bangs and a shaggier look than you're sporting right now, it just doesn't do you justice! So, I ask as a Tom fan girl, not a Draco one, PLEASE get a hair stylist to help you! You have the money to hire one. Look at my icon. I'm just saying that bangs hide a large forehead, which is a lesson that James Van Der Beek never learned and they made a website dedicated to his forehead sitings! I don't want this for you!!

</ end note >

Also, surprised to hear that Tom Felton is in Get Him To The Greek and it was because when Jonah Hill went on a tour of the set while they were filming, Tom kept to his group and showed him around and Jonah liked him so much he invited him down. I like hearing that these celebs can be nice when they want to be.
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I've determined that Matthew Morrison from gLee could sing me the names from the phonebook and that would be okay with me!

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