May. 7th, 2010

ashleyfanfic: (nightmare romance)
I had a pretty good day yesterday. I left home around 10 in the morning and went to school to study, because I can't study at my house. Too much stuff I would rather do. But in a cube in the business building I was able to sit and go over my notes and really work out some of the problems for my stats test. As mentioned in my previous post, I made an 85 in the class which is AWESOME! I was really nervous! Anyway, came home and found a package sitting in my chair.

It was from my Aunt Tricia, the youngest of my Dad's sisters, and who I went to Disney World with twice. The Disney store in Birmingham had closed and she knew how much I loved The Nightmare Before Christmas and they had two shirts that made her think of me, so she bought them and mailed them. It really made my dad. One is dark grey with the cemetery on it and the other is white with Jack on it. And I was wearing it after I got out of the pool today. I have a snow globe with Jack Skeleton in it that plays "This Is Halloween" when you turn it, and Landon loves it because of the bats that fly around Jack. Anyway, I'm wearing the shirt and Landon runs up to me and starts going JACK JACK JACK! And I was like, "What does Jack say?" and he goes "ROAR!" He's so cute.

And today, Michelle was driving through Huntsville on her way to B'ham to watch her sister graduate tomorrow, so she stopped and I made lunch, cause it's been a while since I've seen my bestie. I think she's convinced me to drive to Louisville at the end of next month to watch Eclipse with her for her birthday. Ordinarily, I wouldn't do it. But she's come to visit me on my last three birthdays, so I owe her. And she just got a new house and stuff. It will be fun. Although, I have to admit, I'm not much for staying at other people's houses. Hotels I'm fine with, but in someone's home...not so much. But I will make an exception, especially since she's talking about coming down here for my b'day again this year. I told her she could bring her husband if she wanted and she was like "Nah, he can stay home and have a boys weekend."

Anyway, I've been texting my new friend Kelsey about our stats grades, since we took the class together and she's helped me all semester, and when I posted on facebook that I got a 85, she sent me a text and I told her I got an 85 and she was like great. And then I asked her what she got, and she got a 100 in the class. Can you imagine being that smart? I can't either. But I'm glad she is because she really saved my ass in that class.

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