May. 3rd, 2010

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People, I know you all like to think that your children and sweet and innocent and could never do anything wrong, but you're fooling yourself.

What prompted this post was two things:

The first:

I was watching Judge Mathis and this sixteen year old girl's family was suing this other girl's sixteen year old's family because the defendant's daughter brutally beat up the other girl. The defendant said that she had just had enough of her yelling at her and just started beating the girl. This is how it went down:
Girl A (plaintiff) heard that Girl B (defendant) got a DUI and she supposedly said "She deserves it". What she meant was that Girl B stole Girl A's boyfriend and was a big time partier and so Girl A thought justice was served. Well, Girl B got wind of it and called Girl A's cell and left this HORRENDOUS voice mail, which Girl A saved, saying that she was going to kick Girl A's ass and that she slept with Girl A's boyfriend before she ever did. Well, Girl B saw Girl A drive out of the parking lot later that day and followed her. When Girl A stopped at a traffic light, Girl B jumped out of her car, yanked Girl A out and pulled her into the street. The car then started to roll into the intersection while Girl B beat the crap out of this girl. When the judge asked Girl B about this, the girl laughed and was like "I just couldn't take it anymore" and Girl A said that she thought Girl B was trying to kill her. Girl B's mother rolls her eyes and the judge notices and informs Girl A's parents that they can only sue girl B's parents for damages if they could prove that Girl B's parents were neglectful in raising their daughter. Well, Girl B's mom kept defending her actions and so the judge ruled that they were responsible because their daughter had a history of violence, was on probation when she beat up girl A, and so, the Judge awarded Girl A's parents $5000, which was what they were asking for in payment of repair of the car and pain and suffering. Girl B was like "I don't regret it" and Girl B's mom was like "I don't think the judgement was fair" while Girl B's Dad was like, "There will be consequences for my daughter regarding this case that she isn't aware of yet." and the Girl had the audacity to stand there and say "I'm 18, I can move out."

Incident 2:
This little girl that lives next to us is 4 years old. Understand this, the little girl is not fat by any means. She's absolutely adorable. She has a little sister that is 3 and they are two of the sweetest kids I've ever met. Now, their mom went inside for like five minutes the day after Easter, and this demon spawn little girl that lives behind us, came over to their house, stole their Easter candy, and shoved it down termite holes. The mom had to throw all their Easter candy away. The other thing, the demon's brother told the four year old that she was fat. She had never been called that before and so she started to cry. The boy's dad was out there and got on to him. But these kids are evil. There is never anyone home to watch them. The little girl is 7 and roams all over the neighborhood and the little boys are MEAN AS HELL to everyone. We then found out that the 4 year old also has scratches and bruises all over her back because the little boy did it to her the other day on the trampoline. And he did this while their mother was standing there. He did it so quickly. My brother Brad heard about it, went to their house, and told the boys "If you lay one hand on any of the girls in this neighborhood, you'll answer to me" and he singled the little boy out.

My rant: Parents, it's time to understand that you're children don't need you to be their friend, they need you to be their disciplinarian. They have enough friends. It is my belief, that kids have to have a healthy respect for adults, because if not, they will be evil little fuckers all their lives. My brothers aren't scared of anyone except my mom. And I believe in the line "Spare the rod, spoil the child". Brittni says all the time that she never got spanked, and we always say "That explains a lot". She's never suffered consequences for anything she's ever done and she's not the most well adjusted person on the planet, if you read this journal at all, you know that.

Anyway, my point is, spank your children, understand that they can do bad things, and don't take up for them when they do.

Day 6

May. 3rd, 2010 11:42 pm
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The rules are that for eight days you have to post something that made you happy that day.

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