Apr. 26th, 2010

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To do for the weekend:
- Complete Stats Homework
- Complete Case Study
- Complete edits of group project
- Write recommendation section of group project paper
- Go over what I'm to say for group presentation
- Math homework
- Complete Final for Business Writing
- Do Accounting homework
- Get bride's maids dress for Brittni's wedding
- Study for stats final
- Study for Accounting final
- Avoid tornadoes
- Try not to lose my sanity!

Also, my throat is sooooo sore. I've been using the chloraseptic spray to numb it, but it just hurts like whoa! Any home remedies? I'm really afraid that it's strep throat and I need to go to the doctor. :(
ashleyfanfic: (Cinderella dreaming)
I'm really irritated.

Monday nights is when Mom and I watch Dancing with the Stars together. It's the only TV show I watch on a regular basis. Anyway, we're sitting there trying to watch it tonight and Ashley, Brittni's friend that I don't care for, sat and just talked so fucking much that she ruined my enjoyment of the show. And even after I told her to shut up or I would kick her ass, she kept on, to the point where my mom went into her room to watch the rest of the show.

Not to mention that DWTS itself pissed me off. Chad scored better than Evan? What planet are the judges on?

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