Mar. 28th, 2010

ashleyfanfic: (jake - prince of persia)
First off, thanks to [ profile] amethyst18 for gifting me with the cute sugar bunny!

Weekend has been really hectic. Friday and Saturday it was really beautiful outside. We had a lot of drama here at the house in the last two days and I just lack the total energy to go in to it. Let's just say that I haven't had a whole lot of sleep in the last few days.

I have a stats test on Tuesday. I got an A on the last one, so here's hoping I can do it again.

I love Gerard Butler. I saw an interview with him for Jay Leno and I laughed so hard I cried at one point. It's where the girl behind him came out to do her interview! I just rolled!

Watched two movies this weekend, one was really good, the other was really bad:

The Bad - New Moon
The Good - The Blindside

My complaint with New Moon isn't even about plot, or then again it is, but it is just one boring ass movie. And I've found that most guys that watch that movie hate Edward and love Jacob. Brad explained it as watching a guy put so much effort into trying to get a girl's attention, as being her best friend, and then she turns around and picks a giant bag of douche over you. I love my brothers sometimes.

Blindside was really good. Enjoyed the Saban cameo and the hate of all things Tennessee, especially Fat Phil Fulmer! I HATE THAT GUY!

Anyway, about to go to bed. I'm wiped.

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