Mar. 14th, 2010

ashleyfanfic: (no doubt 05)
Well, I'm not even sure what to make of this. So, here it goes.

My brother Adam has aspirations of being a rapper. He's actually quite good. Tonight he had the opportunity to actually perform in front of a producer and have his music heard at a bar. Adam said before they even left that he was scared that Brittni would get so drunk she would make a scene and ruin his chance. Well, he had no intentions of letting her drink once they got there, but Brittni was doing what she wanted to do and got SHITFACED! I mean, falling down drunk. Her ex showed up with another girl and she kept talking to him, and started saying stuff like Landon might be his and shit like that. Well, she got so bad, the cops told Adam to either take her home or they were arresting her for public intoxication.

Adam had yet to perform, but he put her in the car and drove her to our house where she proceeded to wake everyone up. She kept trying to go outside, but she was being so loud that we knew the cops would be called. Adam is crushed that she ruined his opportunity to be heard by a producer. CRUSHED. He's simply devastated. But Brittni was so drunk that she was insisting that Adam wasn't even at the house, he was with some girl, and Adam came downstairs to try and get her to come upstairs. But she was falling down everywhere. My dad got dressed and took her to her grandmother's house. She still doesn't think she did anything wrong, but then again, she's so drunk, she doesn't even know where the hell she is.

I don't know which is worse, that Brittni was telling her ex that the baby could be his, which he isn't, or that she ruined Adam's dream. Her friend Ashley was so scandalized by what had happened, she told Adam that she wants nothing to do with Brittni anymore.

Her mother acts this way all the time, but instead of getting drunk, she does crack. I just feel like this is a vicious cycle that will never end. I don't want Landon to grow up with that.

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