Mar. 5th, 2010

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Week In Review

- My life has been sort of hollow without the Olympics. I just don't know what to do with myself.
- I've been playing my Sims 3 game a little more. My Draco and Hermione couple got a lot of life time achievements and I believe Draco bought extra fertility with his, and now Draco and Hermione have 1 girl (teen), triplet boys (child) and twin boys (infants). Needless to say that when Draco walked into the house with the last babies and started to freak out, I was right there with him! However, all of the kids are genius virtuosos, which is good. But let me say that it is very hard to run a house with 8 people in it. I need to get ole girl graduated and out! It's just too hard to manage!!
- I took a Math test Thursday and not sure how I did. I hope I did okay. I just simply forgot how to do circles! How bad is that?!?!
- Watched "The Cutting Edge" last night. I totally love that movie.
- Peyton's baptism is this Sunday and we've been hauling ass cleaning the house and tomorrow we will be cooking meatless lasagna and lasagna with meat. You know, for Lent, the Orthodox have a blood fast, which means no meat, so we're having to cut out the meat for some people. Also have to make salad and bread. *sigh* Will be a long day tomorrow.
- Landon is sick. Landon is a pretty healthy baby until another kid comes around with a sickness. Gavin was here for 4 days this week, with a runny nose and an ear infection, and Jessica didn't warn us ahead of time. So, now Landon has double ear infections and a runny nose. Poor baby just doesn't feel good.

I'm doing my best to hold in my rage at the moment. :)

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