Jan. 9th, 2010

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Was thinking about this because [livejournal.com profile] bunney said she wished that the HP movies had cool extras like the LotR movies did. What I was thinking was it would be funny to sit down the main four kids, Dan, Rupert, Emma, and Tom and let them do a commentary on all the movies, like they did the hobbits in LotR. I bet you would get some funny stuff coming out of those.

In the LotR commentary for Fellowship, the hobbits were discussing how big Elijah's eyes were and how Orli capsized a canoe with John Rhys Davies nearly drowning because his armor was so heavy. I just think there would be some funny stuff discussed.
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I want the Draco Malfoy Yule Ball and Hogwarts doll that Tonner makes. I also want the Hermione Yule Ball and Hogwarts doll. I just worry about getting them because when my mom used to collect beanie babies, my brothers would go through the house and put them all in sexual positions. And while it would be funny, I don't think I could handle them doing that.

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